Steve Bate

Duct tape development

There's only one kind of software development methodology in the real world and that's DTD - Duct Tape Development. All the rest is just fancy icing on the cake. Whilst everyone pretends to be an expert, religiously writing tests first, or having you believe they carefully craft code so good you could hang it in the Tate gallery, the . . .

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October 05, 2014

Note to self

Import/export with Mongodb

I needed to do a bulk import of some json data into a Mongodb database today and stumbled across Mongoimport for the first time which does the job nicely (it can do csv too, of course). Sometimes I need somewhere to make notes of the steps involved in doing things that aren't that common or don't happen too regularly otherwise I . . .

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October 03, 2014


Whilst I'm in the process of moving my own tech dependency from Apple to Linux I'm still objective and mature enough to know that "Bendgate" is an overblown non-story for Apple haters to have a field day on. That's all it is.

In fact, it's only a story precisely because it's Apple. Any other company . . .

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September 30, 2014

Losing interest

As a software developer approaching mid-forties I'm keenly following this question on Quora about older programmers losing interest. For those that don't know, Quora is a question and answers site that that I enjoy reading, though in my opinion it really shouldn't be asking people to log in to view things (didn't that die out . . .

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September 28, 2014

Bad Apples

I am an Apple fan boy. No - was an apple fan boy. Okay, in some ways I guess I still am. The hardware pleases my aesthetic sensibilities far more than any other gear out there. I love my iMac and I'm still thinking I'd like an 11" MacBook Air just for the sheer portability of it but...I no longer really care for the software side . . .

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September 26, 2014

Starting Over...

2014 has been a very difficult year for me, especially on a personal level. Stress and anxiety, followed by depression, then the loss of my mother, more depression and teenage daughter issues to boot, it's fair to say it's been tough. Hopefully, the worst is over but it meant my old site got rather neglected. . . .

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September 25, 2014


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